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My lovelies! ♥
So, fixated with recastings as I am, and deeply in love with everything concerning Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, however you want to call it, I decided to share part of a project (quite a messy project, to tell the truth) I undertook during the last period.
This is a recasting of some characters as they were when they were... younger, let's not be too specific. It's not all of them, this story has way too many characters. This is only the "children" (now adult and grown up - the ones still alive, sigh) of four of the main Houses.

There are just some notes I beg you to read first:
. I KNOW TYRION'S MISSING, and I'm incredibly sorry about it. The truth is, the Cersei/Jaime graphic is the first I made, and it wasn't meant to represent the Lannisters, but just the couple of them together. Then the others came in a second moment. I also wouldn't know who to use for poor Tyrion so please, don't be mad at me. I miss him too, round here. ç.ç
. I know that by the time Daenerys was born, her brother Rhaegar was already dead, so they didn't actually share any moment together. Let's just take it as an "extemporaneous" recasting.
. It doesn't contain any spoilers further than A Game of Thrones

Hope you'll like it!

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Hey guys! ♥
How is it going? I so hope you're having an extraordinary summer and plenty of fun and holidays!
This is a crazy idea that came to my mind while I was studying for my last exams. I've always been a huge fan of Harry Potter. It meant - and actually means - so much to me. So, as the last movie recently came out, I decided to dedicate a sort of 'celebration' to the HP world.
I've always considered the four founders of Hogwarts really fascinating, and we know so little about them; so, as I've a huge thing for recastings, as you might have noticed, I told myself, why not to give them a face? The problem is, they're just four, and it would have been sooo hard to pick the right actor/actress for each of them. So this is the 'alternative strategy' I used: I made a recasting for each of the TV shows I've been more obsessed with during my fangirling life. One thing that it's important to specify is that I didn't use the characters (it would have been cool, but way too hard, and sometimes impossible), but the actors and actresses.
I so hope you'll like it!

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Hogwarts is...Collapse )
It's been a while, uh?
But I'm not dead, as you can see... and today I'm here to show you my last creation... a genderswap recasting of CW's The Vampire Diaries (just to specify: this is inspired totally from the tv show, as I never read the books).
I so hope you'll like it... this doesn't include all the characters, just some of them; and as you can see, they're all - except the protagonists - grouped in pairs. It doesn't mean I actually *ship* all the pairs, rather, sometimes it's just random association. I hope I've been clear enough, but otherwise, feel free to ask!
And now, enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: Obviously I don't own anything about this, it's all property of the producers and directors of the show - and the author of the book, obviously - and the CW. It's been made just for fun :)

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08 October 2010 @ 01:32 pm
Hi peeps ♥
'kay, it's been a while since the last time I made a picspam about one single celebrity, without any challenge or anything. But these amazing pictures just came out, and they were too beautiful not to use them. I realized that, even without being the most objectively 'beautiful' famous man I've fallen in love with, Milo is tragically my heaviest celeb crush ever, and yeah, I felt much like a teenage crazy and pathetic fangirl when I saw the pics for the first time. Duh. :D
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the spam.
Much love xxx

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22 September 2010 @ 12:02 pm
'kay. This is the picspam I made for last picspammy's challenge, which was about illustrating a song. The song I chose is We are, by Ana Johnsson (which, if I don't go wrong, belongs to the OST of Spiderman II), to represent my favorite Heroes episode - and, I'm afraid, my favorite episode at all. ♥
I so hope you'll like it! Making graphics about that show is sort of painful and wonderful at the same time, uuuh.
Enjoy! :*

p.s. I skipped part of the lyrics just because it repeated the verses I already illustrated, so if what you listen don't exactly match with what you see here, don't worry ;)

+ 'We are' music video +
+ 'We are' download link +
+ 'We are' lyrics +
+ 'Five years gone' original promo +

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I knew that sooner or later I'd finish doing something like this ♥ :P
This is my personal version of Harry Potter's next generation, of which we saw a small part in the Epilogue of Deathly Hallows.
Unfortunately, the actors and actresses I chose don't always have the right hair and eyes color, use a bit of imagination ;)
Hope you'll like it! :*

{a quick review of the family trees, for who doesn't remember:
Harry Potter+Ginny Weasley
James Sirius
Albus Severus
Lily Luna

Ron Weasley+Hermione Granger

George Weasley+Angelina Johnson

Bill Weasley+Fleur Delacour

Percy Weasley+Audrey

Remus Lupin+Nymphadora Tonks
Ted 'Teddy' Lupin

Draco Malfoy+Astoria Greengrass
Scorpius Hyperion}

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19 June 2010 @ 12:43 am
When I saw last picspammy 's challenge, I was sort of 'are you friggin' kidding me?' because it's gorgeous but sort of impossible, if you consider that you have to think for a long time to have a nice idea and in a studying-all-day-long period it's not the best thing you can do... surprisingly, it was easier than it seemed, all I had to do was thinking about my favorite Supernatural couple.
The basic idea is quite simple: on TV tropes I picked the items that mostly made me think of Dean and Jo. Some are together in small groups, because they're associated with each other and it wouldn't have had much sense using the same images twice.
p.s. 'Rock Deejay' (which obviously refers to Robbie William's song) is because Deejay is the name I give the couple time ago.
p.p.s. again, thanks Matri (sanzina89 ♥) for the html of the format!

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R.E.O. Speedwagon?Collapse )
Ohaii! ♥ missed the recastings? *total silence*
Anyway! I'll find the time to thank you one by one for all the kind and lovely comments you left on the two genderswap picspams (Heroes and Supernatural) *snuggles all* you're the best, guys, really!
This is a little thing I hope you all will like, especially, of course, the SPN lovers.
Enjoy! :*

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Tale as old as time, true as it can be...Collapse )
20 May 2010 @ 02:47 pm
'kay guys, round two. Heroes' turn! ♥
You already know how it works: guys are ladies, girls are boys. Pretty much. Obviously I couldn't re-cast the WHOLE cast of four seasons, it would have been physically impossible, so I chose my favorite and the most important to me.
This is also a tribute for the definitive ending of the show... I've mixed feelings about it and this is not the place to discuss it. Anyway, this show meant (and actully means) too much to me.

Anyways. Enjoy!<3 Hope you'll like it!

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Finally, I did it!! ♥ Okay, this is an idea that didn't come to me first, but which I stole from so many people who are certainly more genius and original than me, first of all darkmagic_luvr <3 :P
It works quite simply: to each character I associated an actor/actress of the opposite sex, and changed his/her name, obviously. It has been painfully funny, so I hope you'll like it!
Enjoy! :*

[NB] I didn't change the name of both angels and demons, first because, even if I think they do have sex after all, some names are just too perfect to be modified, and I decided to make a "all-or-nothing" thing.

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